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About Erika 

I am an Assistant Professor at Purchase College, State University of New York. Where I primarily teach Genetics, General Biology, and mentor student research. 

My research uses a phylogeographic and population genetic approach to try and elucidate evolutionary histories within complex host-parasite systems. I am specifically interested in how host-specific traits influence parasite evolution and population dynamics and have a particular interest in helminths of waterfowl and the microevolutionary consequences of infecting migratory hosts. 


Apart from research, I am active in science outreach, and education, specifically in promoting the use and appreciation of natural history collections.



University of New Mexico 

Ph.D. Biology

Advisors: Drs. Sara Brant and Sam Loker 

2007 - 2011

California State Univeristy, Fresno 

B.S. Biology, Ecology and Evolution

Advisor: Dr. Paul Crosbie 


Erika T. Ebbs



Purchase College, SUNY

Office hours by appointment


Freestate, South Africa 

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