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Parasitology offers a unique lens to teach biology allowing students to cross ecological bridges and see connections across species, time and space. 

Formal Teaching 

Courses Taught 

Purchase College, State University of New York 

General Biology I (BIO 1550) - Fall 2020

Genetics  - Spring 2021

Genetics Lab - Spring 2021

The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque 

Ecology and Evolution Lab (BIOL 203), Teaching Assistant/Lab Instructor. Developed all lectures and some of lab activities 

Museum Curation and Techniques, co-taught/developed materials for two week section of course

General Virology, Teaching Assistant

Human Anatomy and Physiology, Primary Instructor, Online




Parasitology Lab, Guest Instructor: Dissection and parasitolgical examination of avian hosts 

Biology for Health Majors, Guest Lecturer: "Gene Expression" 




Guest Instructor 






Assistant coordinator in the biology core, assisted with the preparation of biology core labs (BIOL201 - 204) 


Developing/Writing course materials for BIOL 203L, Developed lab activities and materials for several lab sections ("Phylogenetics", "Protists", "Platyhelminthes", "Mollusca") 

Informal Teaching Experiences  

STEM Outreach

Parasite Field and Museum Course, STEM University: Co-taught with Dr. Sara Brant in Summer 2015. Co-developed learning materials and activities and worked hands-on with UNM STEM undergraduates in the field to collect and process hosts and then deposit parasites into the Museum of Southwestern Biology, Parasites Division. 


Cafe Scientifique, Around the Science World in 80 Minutes, meeting with groups of high-school students to expose them to different areas of STEM research. Spring 2015



Bosque School After School Program, Introducing parasite biodiversity to elementary school age students. Spring 2014.

Natural History Collection Engagement 


"Out of the Cabinet" Public display highlighting MSB collections at the New Mexico Natural History MuseumPictured above. 


Short Presentations/ Tours of the Museum of Southwestern Biology Parasite Collection. Ages range from K-Adults and can vary for both academic and public audiences.  


Museum of Southwestern Biology Open House, Prepare and deliver short interactive displays about MSB Parasites and Parasitology for the general public. Spring 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Student Mentorship 

Traveling with four parasitology undergraduates that presented their work at  the annual Southwestern Association of Parasitologists meeting at the Oklahoma State University Biological Station. 

REU  researcher D'Eldra Malone collecting snails in New Mexico 

Left: REU researcher Keith Keller dissecting waterbirds in New Mexico, Right: REU researcher Emily Sarvis on a collection trip in Eastern North Carolina 

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